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This morning, I was feeling awful. I felt I was swimming in an ocean of sadness, but

what I didn't know was why?:?I was on my way to work at the Coffee Shop so I had to get

act together or it will be bad for business. I walked inside and saw Margret cleaning

the tables and our two valuable customers; Mordecai and :(Rigby. I felt even worse after

saying his name in my head. They were both talking to one another, so I tried to use the

oppurtunity to get pass without getting noticed. I was almost home free, but ending up

failing when I heard Margret greet me. "Hey Eileen:)" she said with a big smile on her

face. I waved while giving her a fake smile to hide my sadness and proceeded tothe

kitchen. I began pouring coffee for the boys and a strange feeling came over me. I

quickly turned around and noticed Margret behind me, giving me a worried expression.

"Are you okay Eileen? You seem upset about something." I gave her another fake smile

so she wouldn't worry too much. "Yeah, I'm fine:D." Instead of believing, she gave me a

suspicous look. I tried to avoid eye contact. She gave me a speech of how she is my

best friend and how I can tell her anything. I sighed. "I don't know. I just don't feel

like myself today." "It's Rigby, isn't it?" Margret asked. It surprised me how she

quickly assumed that, but sadly she was right. No matter how much I tried, I could never

get Rigby to even notice me. I felt my eyes flooding with tears and they began coming

down my face. Margret hugged me and made me feel a whole lot better. "Thanks. Your the

best," I thanked her. "No problem:)" she said. I made my way to Mordecai and Rigby

and began to feel my depression come back. I gave them their coffee without looking at

them. I wasn't trying to be rude, I was trying to mot make a fool out of myself. As if

I hadn't already. I left to go back to the kitchen and felt like crying again. Who

would ever like a loser like me. I didn't even like me.:'(  
Another Rigleen story

Enjoy. more to come


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pandacatqueen Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im totally putting you on my wacth,you inspire me so much
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thegirlwiththedisxl Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Student Artist
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